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New Standard and Policy Promotes the Li-ion Industry Development
( 2009/10/14 )

The main barriers to the power battery development is the key material, manufacturing technology and equipments etc., For the material, Chinese enterprise is more competitive in negative electrode and electrolyte, the manufacturing crafts is improved, at present many Chinese is making the divide material themselves. The researcher Huang Xuejie in Chinese Academy of Sciences Institute of Physics says, at present battery technology and equipment is the key; it is hard to survival if the power battery wants copy the way of the normal battery plant, Now a lot of duplication of equipment is basically in line with the introduction of Japan's strategic industries which promotes the creative of Japan¡¯s new tech of equipment and restrict our country¡¯s new technology development. He emphasis the country should consider Industrial policy, tariff policy .etc and encourage self-creation and import and recreation from oversea technology. Intellectual property rights also need to co-ordinate strategy and tactics, industry associations can play a more important role.

Director of Sales in O2Micro strategy for China, Wang Saolang told the reporter that powerli-ion battery development¡¯s trouble is the standard of the application system. The industry should reach to the growth level from importing level. From the experience of Notebook li-ion battery development, relative industry standard is important to the development.

The standard of the power battery, the battery management standard is the link between battery system and application system, then the standard will influence the period of the industry stage growth. So make the li-ion battery standard is one way to solve the barrier.

He explains further that the manufacturer of the application system should take part in the developing the standard of battery management, which can fully reflects to the demand from relative field. There will be waste source of the society If there is no standard in our industry.

CITIC Guoan Li, general manager of Power Technology Co., Ltd. told the reporter that the cell-drive vehicle is a huge industry, which need relative manufacturer co-operating well and promote this industry. Developing our clean energy industry needs the government assists the companies, make the market develop well. In addition government at all levels and enterprises must pay attention to the industry value chain integration and business model innovation.

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